Project SOAR Mentoring Program for Youth


An Effective Practice


Project SOAR matches elementary school students, grades 5 and 6, with community college students mentors to promote academic success. Activities this past year resulted in nearly 500 (duplicative) contacts between mentors, students and parents. The elementary student meets approximately five hours per week after school with an assigned mentor to work on homework issues, school conduct issues, and to develop social skills. Monthly parent meetings stress the importance of a positive learning environment at home, how to effectively help their children with homework, and meeting with teachers.

Goal / Mission

The goal of Project SOAR is to promote academic success among youth at Galveston Elementary School.

Results / Accomplishments

Students improved in three subject areas from 1st quarter to 2nd quarter: there was an increase of nearly a full letter grade for Language Arts; an increase of over one letter grade for Spelling; and an increase of just over 1/3 of a grade level for Math. In addition, students improved in ratings of citizenship including respect for authority and working with others.

About this Promising Practice

Primary Contact
Sherry Betts
Arizona Youth, Families and Communities
Projects Office
The University of Arizona
P.O. Box 210033
Tucson, Arizona 85721-0033
Education / Student Performance K-12
Social Environment / Social & Civic Involvement
Arizona Youth, Families and Communities
Arizona Cooperative Extension
Date of publication
Nov 2001
Galveston, AZ
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Target Audience
Children, Teens

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