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The ultimate goal is to support the systematic adoption, implementation, and evaluation of successful programs, practices, and policy changes. The database provides carefully reviewed, documented, and ranked practices that range from good ideas to evidence-based practices.
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Note: This practice has been Archived.

Filed under Good Idea, Health / Women's Health, Women, Racial/Ethnic Minorities

Goal: The goal of this project is to improve systems of care for Asian and Pacific Islander pregnant women who are experiencing domestic violence in order to address disparities in pregnancy outcomes in the Asian Pacific Islander Community.

Note: This practice has been Archived.

Filed under Effective Practice, Environment / Water, Urban

Goal: The main goal of the project was to reduce water consumption.

In the Greater Copenhagen area 98% of the water supply is based on ground water. However, the reliance on ground water means that the municipal water company has to face an increased number of environmental problems as the statutory water control order demands greater control and supervision of water supply plants. In consequence, Copenhagen Water had to face serious challenges concerning ground water pollution and the reduction in total wells available.

Note: This practice has been Archived.

Filed under Effective Practice, Economy / Investment & Personal Finance, Women, Urban

Goal: The goal of Women's Initiative is to help low-income women start their own businesses.

Note: This practice has been Archived.

Filed under Effective Practice, Economy / Employment, Adults

Goal: The goals of this program are:

1. Re-Employment: They create job search plans, develop job readiness strategies, and emphasize family maintenance. This goal recognizes a noticeable number of first jobs do not last; therefore, Work Central prevents the re-spending of taxpayer dollars already spent once.

2. Job Retention: They review support systems, promote problem solving, and support longevity on the job. This goal is measured in 6 and 12 month benchmarks.

3. Career Advancement: They introduce customers to career paths, explore training opportunities, and pursue educational plans.

4. Asset Accumulation: They connect customers to checking and savings account resources, inform customers about financial counseling, and educate customers about home ownership opportunities. Work Central replaces homeless with hope so people will believe that tomorrow will be better than their today.

Note: This practice has been Archived.

Filed under Effective Practice, Economy / Economic Climate, Urban

Goal: The YBG neighborhood was developed to (1) reclaim a severely blighted sector of the City, (2) provide public amenities, (3) support San Francisco's hospitality industry, and (4) increase economic vitality and employment.

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