Maricopa County Health Matters is a one stop source of non-biased data and information about community health improvement planning in Maricopa County, and healthy communities in general. It is intended to help planners, policy makers, and community members learn about issues, identify improvements, and collaborate for positive change. You can:

The Maricopa County Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP) addresses risk factors and social determinants affecting health priority areas identified through a comprehensive Community Health Assessment. The CHIP is a community-wide action plan modeled after the National Prevention Strategy and state chronic disease planning efforts that emphasize policy, systems, and environmental approaches to create long-term, sustainable health improvement. 

View the latest  CHIP Framework and Workplan with health improvement initiatives updated quarterly (updated 4/10/15) .

Tracking our Progress: A Simple Guide to Creating SMART Objectives for the CHIP (PDF)

The Health Improvement Partnership of Maricopa County is a collaborative effort between Maricopa County Department of Public Health and more than 60 public and private organizations addressing priority health issues through the 2012-2017 Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP).  

Partner areas of focus and related initiatives are categorized into four sector areas:

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