Communal Effectance - AIDS Prevention

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The Communal Effectance - AIDS Prevention (CE-AP) program is a sexual behavior intervention for low-income, single women attending urban clinics. The intervention emphasizes the idea that sexual behavior affects women individually as well as those around them. The program uses role playing, discussions, interactive videos, and rehearsals to teach women negotiation skills to protect themselves from HIV infection. Participants learn general HIV and AIDS prevention information, the role of drugs and alcohol in risky behavior, and how to properly use condoms. Women also learn how to refuse unwanted sexual propositions and how to negotiate safe sex with partners.

Goal / Mission

The goal of the CE-AP intervention is to reduce behaviors that put women at risk for sexually transmitted disease (STD) and HIV transmission.

Results / Accomplishments

In a study including 935 women, those who received the CE-AP intervention reported significantly fewer episodes of unprotected vaginal or anal sex at a 6-month follow-up than women in a standard care group (p < 0.001). Among women with a prior STD, those in the CE-AP intervention group were significantly less likely to test positive for an STD at the follow-up than women in a general health promotion group (p < 0.005).

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Dr. Stevan E. Hobfoll
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